Thursday, 2 June 2016

Smell of rotten food and from kitchen exhaust of restaurant inside our house

Another nonsense starts around me. Restaurant in residential locality. Date: May 24, 2016.

Once again smell of rotten food and from exhaust of a Restaurant Kitchen has started to come inside our house from our balcony. May 24, 2016, around evening I smelt rotten and non veg food in our Balcony. These are fumes from a Restaurant Kitchen. I went out to find out who the culprit is this time. And this time it is Flat 85A of Block C2B, Janak Puri where a Restaurant Chain 'Wah Ji Wah' has opened up an outlet. Yes, I had noticed a function 2-3 days before this outside of the Block here. They were inaugurating it. Their Kitchen faces the rear (inside of the Block). The exhaust fumes are expelled from the rear, inside into the Block. The fumes are expelled into a lane which provides access to the entry staircases of Flats 82-91 (ABC). There is also filth and muck in this lane or passage of our Block. I invite all to come and take a look. This part of the Block does not look like a residential locality where human beings stay. It looks very unkempt. It looks very dirty. It is bad. It is unhygienic.

Though the sign board visible from the main road says that they are a vegetarian outlet, I could smell non-veg too. I am not saying that they use human parts etc. in their preparations (I have no way to tell and I am also not suggesting that btw) but yes non-veg smell was there. It is not about veg smell or non-veg smell, but it is simply about toxic, harmful, inconvenient, menacing, obnoxious fumes from a "Commercial" "Kitchen" of a "Restaurant" operating from a "Residential" locality. And I could also smell 'rotten food' something. So now there is another bothersome stuff around me.

I do not know what prevents the Block C2B Residents Welfare Association from putting a complete full stop to this menace. Restaurants in residential localities are illegal. Any Clause that legitimises this presence is itself illegal. All residents of Delhi, albeit India, should note this and understand this. If any lawyer or person defends their illegal act by saying that the MCD or the Municipality has this provision, then I am telling you that you should not sit with one hand over the other. You should get those lawyers themselves into jail (this will not be easy). And of course the people who brought about such clauses ('ifs' and 'in those cases' etc.) in the first place should themselves be sent to jail (this will not be that difficult) because you see when our parents or whosoever got hold of these Flats from DDA then there was no such rider that these Flats will be converted into Restaurant Areas. So this 'conversion' is illegal. It is a simple, clear cut, gross violation of your 'rights to peaceful living', violation of your 'rights to a dignified living'. This is simply a Constitutional Violation itself. Even if the MCD 'now' allows restaurants in flats that face roads of more than a certain width, then it does not automatically mean that they can do what they feel like. Even in those cases, they are supposed to take the residents' consent "also". I repeat >> THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO TAKE THE RESIDENTS' CONSENT. In any case there is something wrong with the legislation itself and somebody must take it up.

So I am telling all that you should not recline and take things as they are happening. You have rights, and they are being violated. YOU HAVE RIGHTS AND THEY ARE BEING VIOLATED. All law abiding citizens must get together and prevent the MCD itself from illegalising Delhi. The Police says that 'they have not allowed these Restaurants, the MCD has allowed', and then the Police gets it off their backs. Simple. When the MCD comes to know of these ones 'officially', then instead of understanding the residents' plight and shutting the restaurant, what they do is challan the restaurant owner after confirming whether all formalities were completed or not! :-o I hope you understand. I mean they don't come to shut the place. They come to simply challan the place. And they are also offered meals later. You see between the MCD and the restaurants it is like this that 'yeh sab to chaltaa rahegaa (all this will continue to carry on)'. Their main aim is moolaah. .. 'Illegal Restaurant? .. To hell. What illegal? We don't understand that one. Let's just check whether clearances were taken.' And their clearances are some administrative stuff. One of them is called HTL (Health Trade License). And Health Trade License is provided with no actual ground research or fact finding. It's a mere eye wash. Those clearances can be obtained in this way or that way. Those clearances do not take into account the residents nearby. And your complaint is also not accorded value. The resident is then told about the restaurant in residential area "provision". That is how it is here in India. You see it is a very difficult life in this rotten place called India where the same people who indulge in criminalities shout "Mera Bharat Mahan"!! I urge all to visit this web address >> to understand everything, .. and feel angry, ... and then some ...

These chaps causing this inconvenience, problem from C2B/85A, Janak Puri are Sardars. One of the earlier trouble makers, 'Soya Express', were also Sardars. Soya Express and Zaika actually had the chimney exhaust inside of the DDA Flats shafts, and that is completely illegal. MCD knew about it. MCD did nothing. If I recall I had written to DDA also about this. Soya Express and Zaika went away after a few months not because I had written to the MCD and the Police but because their business did not do that well here. I know that. I mean I am not singing my own praises. But then now we have another problem in this Wah Ji Wah. I don't think they have an exhaust chimney in the sacrosanct DDA Flat shaft, but they are expelling fumes inside of the Block, and they travel into our Balcony and into our House. Our Balcony faces an internal Block street or lane into which these fumes arrive from another inner lane or passage into which these exhaust fumes are expelled. That is illegal (Expelling fumes inside of a residential area from a Commercial Kitchen {of a Restaurant} is illegal). I do not know if the Block C2B Residents Welfare Association people have any stakes! The earlier RWA President (Russian connection?) had a stake. I am 100% sure of this. He used to defend Soya Express defiantly. He used to shout! He used to lie straightaway that there is no smell!

Visit this Blog (on which you are reading this Post) for updates! :-( I hope for a very early closure of this restaurant and resolution of the problem.