Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Close proximity of crime dens to residential quarters

Smell arrives in waves, then it stays, then the next wave arrives.
6th June: Smell intensity increased. It comes in waves. Then it stays. Then the next wave comes. It may or may not have to do with the wind. It's the sheer proximity of these illegal crime dens to our simple homes.

There has been no response from the Janak Puri Police Station. Smell is there, burnt particles can be felt. In the evening at 9:16 PM (June 6, 2016) , I called 100 (PCR - Police Control Room Delhi Police) again. I told them that I had called earlier on 29th May and that the problem is still there. The person on the other side responded that they'll send Police. I said that he should know what the issue is about. But he had hung up. I thought that at least the Police will come now.
I got a call at 9:42 PM from 9821003250. The person said that I had called 100 and that they are here. I then went down and met the person. I told him what the issue was about. He had actually rung another house bell because of some lack of understanding on his part about 'second floor'. Anyway, that's trivia. So when he came to know about the issue, he said one should call 100 in case of fights, arson etc. I told him that I know this and I dialled 100 because this problem that we are facing is really disturbing our peace and it is damaging our health. I took him to the place from where the smell was emanating. He was actually hesitant. He said what will he do there. I had to mildly persuade him to come along. (Perhaps the rear lane in the night might appear a little shady.) So he came along and then I showed him the place from where the smell was emanating. And strangely, at that time, the smell was very less in comparison! So he said, 'where is the smell?' I told him that 'yes at this moment it is very little but it is there'. Then he asked how can the smell travel to our house. I told him that it does. It's not very far. Then I took him back along that route from where we had come. We walked about 15 metres along that rear lane and then I showed him my house, about 12 metres away (in a horizontal line). He said that the local Police Station will take care of this. I told him about the Complaint submitted a day earlier. He said that this call would also have gone to the local PS.

The length of a horizontal line (or the distance horizontally) that starts from this flat and reach our flat unobstructed is less than 35 metres. And plus (I have mentioned in the Plaint also) the horizontal distance in a straight line (as the bird flies) from this Flat to our Flat is less than 30 metres.

I asked him to take a look at the front of this Restaurant also. He was reluctant. He said again that the local Police Station will look into this. I told him again that the local PS has been told. There was also a little talk from my side with an elderly citizen of the Block who had just stopped by, and I told him that in the coming months the problem will only increase since in winters the wind blows from the North East in Delhi and these Restaurants are in the NE direction from our house. The Police person was privy to this small talk. Hope the Delhi Police understand the gravity and doesn't wait for winter, btw.

Then the policeman started to look for his Police Car in which he had apparently come. The Car had already gone out of the Block. I asked him his name. He said he was Constable Kailash. I accompanied him till the Gate of the Block and then asked him again that he can see Wah Ji Wah from the front side. Then he left and I came back. I don't know if he went there, I don't know if there were actually more people in the Car who went there earlier. It did not occur to me at that time that perhaps I should have persuaded the Constable to go to the front side and show him the joint. Perhaps that is immaterial.