Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Delhi's Restaurants In Its Residential Areas

Restaurants in Residential Localities of Delhi
Restaurants in Delhi's residential areas are not exactly a boon, but actually a menace and a bane for civilised folks. Here is an experience encapsulated. All concerned citizenry must organise themselves and rid Delhi of this menace. Restaurants are supposed to be in designated places, and not just about anywhere. They are not supposed to be just about at any place where MCD (Municipal Corporation Of Delhi) feels like.
The MCD people are corrupt. Delhi Police is just watching from a distance and laughing. :-( Citizenry must get angry and pull down these restaurants in residential localities because they are actually a menace and a bane for Delhi. MCD actually flouts its own rules (!!) when it/they allow/s these Restaurants. The MCD people should be arrested for this and put to prison for a long long time. The Restaurant owners should also be arrested and should also be handled by the "Real Delhi Public" on the streets of Delhi in an "unofficial" way, and you know what I mean.
Whether these people operating these Restaurants are Punjabis, Sardars, Haryanvis, UP people, or from wherever, they should be tried and put behind bars. You can hate me for writing this. My name is Sandeep Vij, I am an Architect, and you can find about me at http://www.facebook.com/Sandeep-Vij-Architects-1142747925750206 or http://www.google.com/+SandeepVijArchitectsNewDelhi .

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