Monday, 6 June 2016

Burnt embers felt, smell intensity increased

Burnt Coal from Tandoor is going to be a health hazard

Smell intensity increased over the week in the meantime. It was off and on, off and on after that Sunday of 29th May. On Saturday, 4th June, it was more, and more or less continuous throughout the day. On Sunday 5th June too, it was more, and more or less continuous or constant or persisting through the day. I understood that yes now this is going to be a constant problem for us in the coming days, weeks, .. perhaps months.

I could now even smell burnt particles more. This could be coal - these could be particles from tandoor. The smell causes the formation of saliva immediately. It's pathetic. May these Sardars burn in hell for causing this misery to us. I can't help saying it. Yes, I mean it. They are causing problems for us. May they suffer the same way. May they burn in hell.

The whole night of 4th June actually, the smell and the burnt particles were in the air. On Sunday 5th June morning, I took a video film from my cell phone camera at around 4:50 AM. I came out from my house and went to this rear lane area and captured it after capturing the Block Road from Gate No. 2. It is a continuous shot. Let's see when I can uplolad that on this Blog. I discovered that another Restaurant's exhaust was on. It stays on for the entire duration of the night! This was told to me by the person who opened the shutter at the front of this same other outlet. I met him incidentally as I had gone to the front portion of this part of the Block around the same time of shooting. This is Bubble Tea Cafe where they also prepare pizzas. It is operating from C2B/86A, Janak Puri. Smell was emanating from here too, from the rear, and inside of the Block. So 2011-12 is being revisited. :-(

The Complaint draft had been more or less prepared by myself Monday, 30th May itself, but I thought that it needed some editing. On Sunday, 5th June at around 9:10 PM I reached the Janak Puri Police Station and submitted the Complaint and got the received copy. You will see the received copy as an image in the next post. The text of the Complaint will also be copied pasted.

It has taken me a week to submit the Complaint. My health is not very good. Small small things take time. I'm grappling with myself. I'm grappling with my body balance all the time! If you feel curious then you may like to visit and if you feel concerned then you may get in touch with an Ayurvedic / Naturopathic practitioner / person and give them/him/her the link and then ask them to get in touch with me if it touches a chord with them. Don't wait for someone else to do it. You never know, the simple Vaidya across the street or round the corner about whom probably not many know could crack the code. :-) It is not necessary that that person should be famous. . . . Anyway, this Blog is not about the attack on my CNS (via the link mentioned just above). This is about the smell and toxic air particles which are both a nuisance and health hazard respectively.

As I am writing this on 5th night, 6th morning at 2:00 AM there is smell in my room! There is smell in my wardrobe. There is smell inside the Refrigerator. This is not a lie. This is not an exaggeration. This is the truth. I have mentioned that these Sardars should burn in hell. It is not just like that. There are burnt particles in my wardrobe, room, everywhere. There is smell in our Kitchen. It gets into nooks and corners and stays there for hours. When these Restaurants shut down (whenever that happens), it will take minimum 2 days for the smell to diminish considerably. And actually one can even 'smell these Restaurants' suddenly as you open a drawer even weeks afer the Restaurants close down and then you are reminded that yes there was a problem and its traces are still there! That is the severity of this nonsense. This is not exaggeration. I was told by whosoever that the last time when I had written a Complaint to the MCD (2011-12) these MCD idiots were going around telling themselves that I have exaggerated the problem in writing when it is not that severe! Can you believe that?

Ok, and what is the smell like?, what is the feel like? It is like (somewhat, and more) the smell or the feel when you stand near to  your neighbourhood local 'clothes' ironing' person with that 'coal iron' that he or they use to iron your clothes, and imagine that he has been ironing throughout the day when you have approached them and they have ironed many clothes. Ok? The feel and the smell is like when you stand near to the tandoor of a dhaba (roadside eatery). Ok? Them burnt embers - the smell and feel of them, get it?

These vapours and burnt embers can cause lung cancer, they can cause respiratory diseases, they can cause asthma, your bronchitis can be aggravated. You can begin to cough without realising or understanding what is actually causing these coughs. That is the nonsense that these bastard MCD people create. Haraamzaade.