Friday, 10 June 2016

In DDA Flats, Fire is burnt. There is Tandoor, Coal is Stored and Burnt, Commercial Kitchens Run.

Ducts in Shafts? Surreptitious Encroachments, Advances By Stakeholders? Knock Knock Judiciary.

Fire is burnt in DDA Flats. There is tandoor in DDA Flats. Coal is stored and burnt in DDA Flats. Commercial Kitchens run from DDA Flats.

In fact on 4th June in the evening, I went up the 85-86 Flats' Staircase to go to the terrace and figure if they have got a duct or chimney from within the shaft as the Restaurants Soya Expresss and Zaika had done in 2011-12 (and that is completely illegal). The entry to the Terraces were locked. In fact 85D (which was earlier a terrace above 85C) has a built up structure now. Then I tried to recall whether indeed from the main road it is apparent that this is built up now. (Actually the entire identity is gone, it's getting messed up, chaotic - you can't make out which flat is which.) This 85C terrace actually had some signs at the entrance. It says that they are opening up a saloon there. The following no. was mentioned - 9711749506. I called up this no. at 8:04 PM. I asked the person whether he owns the Flat at Flat 85C, Block C2B of Janak Puri. He took his time in understanding the address and the flat. In fact I had to remind him about the saloon. I thought that was strange. Anyway, I told the person that I am just outside of their Flat and just wanted to take a look at the shaft and make sure that the Restaurant owners at Wah Ji Wah on the ground floor at 85A are not expelling fumes from a chimney or duct from within the shaft (though there is no duct visible from outside - there are structures now on terrace also so you can't tell, unless the ducts' length is such that their tops exceed the top of the terrace structures also). He said 'so what let them do'. I told him that this is not right for us because we stay in the vicinity and that these fumes are bothersome. Then he said that he doesn't know about that and that I can visit the 85C Flat to find that out. I told him that it may not be right to bother someone for this and also that I went up the top floor not expecting that there was a structure there now. I reminded him that this was, as per the signs, his flat. He said that he does not know about the duct.

From the voice of that person, I am not sure whether he is Juneja. Juneja owns more than one property here, if I am not mistaken. Juneja's reference? Visit .

And I reckon that they ('THEY' IS MCD AND STAKEHOLDERS AND GOVERNMENTS) have already taken a decision (clandestine or open) to make this entire stretch from Flats 83 to Flats 90 of Block C2B, Janak Puri, Delhi as Commercial and open up shops not only on the Ground Floor but also usurp the flats of the residents on the First Floor and the Second Floor and also convert the terrace (D) into a commercial entity. DELHI POLICE AND COURTS MUST STOP THIS. Every political party is perhaps involved in this. BJP is involved?, AAP is involved?, Congress (INC) is involved? HELLO DELHI POLICE AND DELHI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY AND THE INDIAN COURTS (JUDICIARY), THESE ARE DDA RESIDENTIAL FLATS. ARE YOU READING THIS? THESE FLATS WERE AND ARE MEANT FOR LIVING. FLATS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE CONVERTED INTO COMMERCIAL ENTITIES AND THUS CREATE A NUISANCE FOR OTHER RESIDENTS. Courts can, if they want, take suo motu cognizance and pull up the Governments for indulging in such a criminal act which is being accomplished 'step by step' by way of 'hoodwinking surreptitiously'. Courts should not think that this is a matter of governance and that this is not in their ambit. A Legal Eagle can throw better light on this.

Fire is burnt in DDA Flats. There is tandoor in DDA Flats. Coal is stored and burnt in DDA Flats. Commercial Kitchens run from DDA Flats. Upper Floor residents must object and stop this nonsense. One day there may be a blast in these fire wielding flats. Upper floors will also be affected.

Knock Knock Delhi High Court? . . . Please take note.