Friday, 3 June 2016

Called The Police Control Room PCR at 100

Hope this is not beginning of a long ordeal. Hope this is settled quick, quick.
Smell is there of and on these days now. On 29th May (Sunday) it is more. Meraa dimaag kharaab ho gayaa phir se. Main kyaa karoon yaaron? Mujhe Samajh Nahin Aataa.

29th May 2016: Called 100 at 3:16 PM – told the person straightaway that this is not an emergency and that it is about smell problem that has started again. This smell is from a restaurant in the same line of residential flats that had restaurants in 2011-12. I told the person about the earlier problem of 2011-12 and that the SI Dharam Veer had said that they can shut down the Restaurants and then send the matter to Court. (For the earlier case refer .) I told the Police Person that ok now this time they can send the matter to Court after shutting this Restaurant. Control Room person asked me about the attached Police Station. I told her Janak Puri. Then she asked Landmark. I told her Janak Puri Super Speciality Hospital. The Police person said that they will send PCR. I told the person that it is not an emergency and that they should see.
Then somebody else came on the line. I told him the problem in brief. He also said that they will send PCR. I told him that this is not an emergency. He still said that they will send PCR. I said ok.
No PCR came.

I got a call at 4:16 PM from 011 25551410. It was not noticed by chance. It went missed. I got a call again from this no. at 4:18 PM. When I responded the person conveyed his displeasure at not picking the phone (his call) after having called 100. I did not respond to that. I understood that this is from the Police Station. He asked my name. I told him. [“Kyaa naam hai aapkaa?” ..  “My name is Sandeep.”] Anyway I told him the problem in brief – ‘this time it is Wah Ji Wah, operating from Flat 85A, earlier it was Soya Express and Zaika in 2011-12, earlier problem stopped not because of my complaint but most probably their own business reasons’. He asked about the distance of this Restaurant from my house. I told him that in a straight line it is about 20 metres.
I mentioned Dharam Veer SI from 2011-12 and that he had mentioned about closing the Restaurants and then sending the matter to Court. The person said that they have to look at the present and not the past. He said that I should give a written complaint and then they will see what rights I have and what rights this Restaurant has. I said ok.

So now I have to write a Complaint. I really wish I was doing something better. But the rotten smell is there inside of our House as I was writing this on May 29, 2016 at 7:30 PM. It comes in in rushes along with the wind.