Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Take the matter to Court

Don't have a good opinion about Janak Puri Police Station
On June the 6th when the Constable had come, I had told him that the Police should take the matter to Court. Now he is only a Constable I know but then he is a Police wallah. He asked me to take it to Court if I so wished and that the Police can't do that. I then told him that I don't know how this has to be taken to Court. He said that the local PS will tell me how that is done. Now I might take this to Court not because this duty bound person said so but just because I have made up my mind anyway.

And by the way, I don't have a very good opinion about this Janak Puri Police Station. They have heavy egos and forever trying to play a game of one upmanship. And they don't know how to talk. They don't understand protocol. They don't know how to talk to an educated professional and how to conduct in his presence. Details on that may appear elsewhere. (I wish I was doing something else.)

The following is not related with this episode, but these and more are the reasons that I mentioned that I don't have a good opinion about this PS.

In 2007, my two wheeler had been wrongly detained by these people and I thought that it got stolen. I still don't know who the miscreants are who managed to take it to the PS. I came to know after some time that it is with the local PS. There was this Kalam Singh who spoke shit, and he escaped any internal enquiry and action. I don't know where he is. But I will be looking for him some time. This world is round. Details on that may (or may not) come somewhere on my internet platforms.

2011-12: Smell case like this present one - they were just passing time. I mean there was hardly any intent to solve our problem. Only at the fag end of several weeks the SI said that they can send the matter to Court - "phir aap jaano aur yeh jaanein".

In 2014 some Puris from Hari Nagar threatened me with bombs. They made me work on some website of theirs which I did out of courtesy, and then they started to pile on me bad, real bad. They started to levy false accusations and used foul, abusive language and that they would get me picked. The Police was informed. The Police did not do anything. Their Head Constable on the contrary started to levy false allegations on me and started to toe the line of these criminal Puris. Some details are here >> http://www.facebook.com/sandyvij/posts/10205299938911574 . Satish Puri and his wife Shital Puri, by the way, might themselves get picked up some time, if they have not been picked up already. I am not following this case or episode as yet.

In 2015 there was this problem of smell from my next door neighbour who had begun to stock chemically dowsed artificially made agarbattis on his terrace and the stench was unbearable. His already running terrace business is illegal by MCD's own rules itself by the way. The entry to this Office is from the staircase which is meant for residents, not for his illegal UP Bihar louts. His Office boys are badtameez, rude and some are prone to indulging in violence. Police was informed. The Police did not make contact at all. No Contact At All.

So therefore, to expect the Janak Puri PS to live up to 'With You For You Always' is a very very tall order indeed. You can forget it. They have super bloated egos and they are responsibility shirkers. The only thing they know is that rather than the predicament of the citizen that they are supposed to solve, there is a game of oneupmanship which they must always win!