Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Enter Sub Inspector from Delhi Police. Continuation of the problem.

Continuation of the problem. Bait used by criminals. But I have character.

June 7: Smell is there, burnt particles are there.
8th: Same as 7th, smell comes in waves. Probably that's why on the 6th, when Constable Kailash was at the rear of the Restaurant the smell was little, though it was there for sure. The Constable could not have missed the rotten feel and smell at that place.
The Smell has increased. During the day and the evening, it is there at both times. It comes in waves and then stays for a long time. In our Balcony there is an almost constant smell. The smell is now also like of dead animal's stench which has been masked. I am not suggesting that they slaughter animals here but smell is that bad.

‪9th June 8:07 PM: I called the Janak Puri Police Station Land Line at 011 25551410 and narrated the problem of smell briefly and that I had submitted a Complaint on 5th June at around 9:30 PM. The person asked me whether I have the no. of the Complaint. I told him that yes, indeed, I do. It is 35 (B) . And the photo of the received back complaint copy (Acknowledgement) is attached with this Post towards lower. He said ok he'll let know the person who is handling this.
9th evening: Smell is increasing. It's bad. It's stench of an animal that is being masked.

11th: In the evening, we had to leave for hospital because of an emergent situation at home, but I came back in the night, because I was not allowed in the ICU.
14th, 12:21 PM: I got a call from J.P. P.S. (I was in the Hospital) about the Complaint submitted a few days earlier. The caller from 8512060007 said she is Sub Inspector Rhea. She said that that has come to her and wanted me to come to the PS and talk about it so that they can then take action as they would like to. I was in the Hospital at that time because of the emergent situation and was myself also not sorted to go to the PS. I asked the SI that she can also come after calling. She said that I can come today, tomorrow, day after, whenever.
14th evening back at home: Smell is there.
15th, Wednesday, day time: There was real bad smell in the house of rotten food and probably huge no. of onions. 15th evening: Back at home, there was real bad smell, foul smell, in the house of rotten food and a smell that seemed to be of a rotten onions.

16/06/16: I called the SI of the JP PS twice at around 3:00 and 3:10 PM. No response.
3:12 Missed call she gives. I notice it later anyway.
3:22 I call again. No response.
3:24 She calls. I answer. She disconnects. Total time: 2 seconds.

On the 16th when I called, I think I was being stalked. I had gone to the B-Block Community Centre for some work and these Wah Ji Wah people might have been tracking me (I'm not sure). Probably they noticed me as I came out of the Block C2B and crossed the road. After my work at the Community Centre I decided to walk down to the PS. I called the SI Rhea and then I called again. Details are above. A stupid girl made her presence felt at the B-1 T-Junction meeting the 'District Centre to C2B Block' Road. Bait. {Probably she had been set up to divert my attention by either the MCD or the Police or these Sardars. I may be completely wrong here, ... but then I may not be wrong here.} I am not elaborating her stupidity here. It is here that I made the 2nd call (around 3:10) and waited at this T-Junction for the famous Rhea of JP PS to answer. She didn't. I then decided not to turn right but take left and walk down to the Channan Devi Hospital because I have things to do, ... other than suffering these Police wallahs, and letting them waste my time. I wanted to make sure that she is at the PS. Both the times I allowed the calls to go fully. There was no response but. (The same stupid girl of the B-1 T-Junction made her presence 'deliberately' apparent outside of the Bubble Tea Cafe in the evening time the same day as I was passing by. Bubble Tea Cafe is a neighbour of this Wah Ji Wah. They wanted me to go inside of Bubble Tea Cafe. She was being instructed by someone. She was with someone, rather someone had brought here there. Bait indeed. I am not elaborating that over here.)

17th evening: Problem of smell same as above. Bad foul smell. It became a lesser only around 12:15 of the coming night.
18th: Smell starts at around 12:00 noon. From a couple of hours earlier, you can smell burnt embers. And then from about 2:00 PM onwards foul smell is there in our house from this Wah Ji Wah's exhaust. Perhaps many rats have died. That is how the smell is like. I actually sincerely will pray that Wah Ji Wah people are burnt alive. I actually sincerely will pray that the MCD Inspector/s and all people responsible for the running of this crime den are burnt alive.

18/06/16: I called SI Rhea on her mobile at 5:57 PM. No response. I called again. 6:07 PM she answered! ... I told her my name, from Block C2B, Janak Puri. She said that she is out of station and that she will call Monday (20th). I told her that I called her on 16th also. Then she asked what was it about? I told her that this is about Wah Ji Wah Restaurant in Block C2B, Janak Puri. She said that she'll handle it on Monday. I asked her whether she is going to call me. She said she'll call.
18th Evening: Intensity further increases - subsides only after 12:15 in the night.
19th: In the morning, before noon, these people turn on their exhausts. The previous day's left over burnt embers and smell from tandoor comes.

20th: I actually waited for the SI to call. No call. I Called 100 again at 3:00 PM. I told the person about earlier calls on 29th May and 6th June 2016 and the Complaint submitted on 5th June at the Janak Puri Police Station. The person again said that the local PS will take care of it and that you go and meet the people there and if not satisfied then go to ACP, then go to DCP. I told the person that already a call had come on 14th that the case is being handled by a S.I. Rhea. I wanted to give the person the no. but was cut short by the person. Actually I wanted to confirm whether there really is a Sub Inspector Rhea at JP PS with no. 8512060007.

Received Back Acknowledgement from Janak Puri Police Station June 2016. Wah Ji Wah Restaurant a menace because of smell and pollution. A Health Hazard. A Nuisance Activity From Residential Area In Delhi.
Received Back Acknowledgement from Janak Puri Police Station June 2016.
Wah Ji Wah Restaurant a menace because of smell and pollution.
A Health Hazard. A Nuisance Activity From Residential Area In Delhi.